About Us

Who we are, and what we do.

Inferno Collection! Hello, that us. The Inferno Collection started with one developer (going by the name of Inferno on YouTube), called Christopher. Christopher is an avid fan of all thing Medical; he got hooked playing as a Paramedic on ArmA 2 Island Life servers, and has had an interest in Emergency Pre-hospital Care every since. Christopher discovered FiveM in late 2017, and already having an interest in coding, got to playing around with scripts, and has been creating resources for FiveM every since. Orignally for his own Server, then for a larger network, then taking a break from the development stage for a little while, before coming back as the creator of Inferno Collection; releasing his first public script, the Fire/EMS Pager. Today, Christopher is busy studying, and does not have as much time to devote to Inferno Collection as he would like, but in his free time, he enjoys working on upcoming resources.

The second addition to Inferno Collection was ScottUK, also known as Scotty. Scott is an experienced FiveM developer, having created such titles as Police Interation Script, Tackle Script, Police System, Priority Cooldown, and many others. Scotty has recently come back from taking a break from FiveM development, and is now assisting with the creation of Inferno Collection resources.

The third addition to Inferno Collection was FrozenN00b, and is the most knowledgeable member on the team. FrozenN00b has had an interest in computers, programming and developing websites since 1995, and has been putting those skills to good use in the real world every since; he is also the creator of the well known VSCode Extension "fivem-lua" Today, FrozenN00b acts in an advisory capacity at Inferno Collection, and provides his input in the Quality Assistance stage of development, helping to make Inferno Collection resources as effective and light-weight as possible.