Fire Alarm

A resource that adds Fire Alarms into FiveM.

Fire Alarm

Public Beta Version 4.46
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The Fire Alarm resource adds both fire alarms, manual call-points/pull-stations, and fire control pannels into your server. By default, the resource comes with one location, the Mission Row police station, which contains a handfull of call-points, and a control-panel, however, the resource allows and encourages you to add more, though easy to use JSON files.

The call-points and control panel consist of non-networked objects, with each control panel having an openable NUI. From the NUI, the player has access to menu options; when the fire alarm for that building has been activated, the player has the ability to silence the sounders, and/or reset the alarm for the building.

Presently, the following can be customized:

  1. Location of manual call-points and control panels.
  2. Number of call-points per control pannel.
  3. Passcode required to access control panels.
  4. The area within which the alarm can be heard once sounded.

Resource Showcase Video

Installation Video


Check out the Wiki for an installation guide, as well as to find out how to use the resource.

If you have any troubles, suggestions, feedback, etc, please check the Wiki and/or create a new issue on GitHub.

Thank you to our Alpha Testers for testing this resource:
  • LurkingSpirit #8338
  • DutchGamingsHD15#7193
  • J. Hughesman #6922
  • Ovist#9081
  • FamalamJamalam#0001
  • Beerasaurus - Rex#9371
  • Trevor Cory#7451

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